Cash games have always been the perfect format for recreacional poker player that doesn´t want to be playing a lot of hours, like in tourneys. Although in the last years have appeared new format in poker that have atract many recreacional players, cash games have always been the preferred format for those playes, online and also in live games.

Many are the pros that cash games have, like the freedom to play long or short sessions as the player decide, the initial stack to begin playing with, the number of players or even the posibility to choose the table you want to play in. But with no doubt, the main advantage is the low variance you can experience, although you are not free from suffering it, the situations where you have to put all your stack at risk are much lower than in other modalities.

The main key in cash games it´s to constantly change your game and image on the tables, so our opponents won´t be able to read us easily. As well as the probabilities calculations, that on each situation will give us specific messages that we have to be able to read; so these two concepts are related. For the reading capabilities as well as for the probabilities part we have essential softwares for the players like HM2, PT4, Flopzilla, Poker stove, etc.

From Coaching4dglory, with our coach Xuxi Sanchez, we offer you all the information you may need to crush all the stakes, whether your are new to the game or if you are an experienced player. Learn how to use the best poker software and a contrasted winning strategy of our coach, that has allow him to get to the high stakes from the lower ones.

Xuxi Sánchez began to play poker online at the university at 21 years of age, he easily beat the microlimits until he reach NL100 winning at 5bb/100. At this moment he decided to become a profesional poker player.

In 2011 he moved to London, at that time he was playing NL200 and 400, along with other players, that suppose a turning point in his career as he was able to share information and knowledge with different players, what supposed a big exponential growth.

In 2013 he moved to Thailand were he stablished himself as a regular, winning at 5bb/10 in NL400-2000.

Xuxi has aswell a wide knowledge of the MTTs. Between 2011-2017 he was playing EPT,WSOP,Estrellas poker tour, regularly, obtaining his best result in July 2017 as last spaniard standing on the Main Event of the WSOP finishing on the 44th position with a prize of 176K.

These last years he has been playing live cash games at limits up to NL10k, online cash games up to NL5k, SCOOPs and WCOOPs.

Motivated by the will of overcoming himself and help players that are beginning or that want to inprove their game, our coach have decided to join our team.

Cómo coacheamos en Cash

In Coaching4dglory we want you to follow the steps of Xuxi and for that reason we have prepared an intense learning program adapted to you needs:

• Progressive training for different levels of knowledge and bankroll.
• Specific didactic material for each student (videos, charts, presentacions, HUDs, popups, etc)
• E-learning plataform and exclusive forum.
• Group classes and custom tutorials
• Skype groups with constant assistance by the coaches.
• Periodic database reviews.
• Software training (HM2, PT4, Flopzilla, Poker stove, etc)

Enter in our academy.

If you are already our student, enter our e-learning platform.

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