Coach físico y nutricionista


Coach físico y nutricionista

It is widely known that physical exercise is very beneficial for physical and mental health, but what does this have to do with poker?

While it is true that playing poker doesn't require great physical abilities; it's of great importance to have good mental health to fully withstand the long sessions and the emotional ups and downs that develop in them. During these sessions the mind of a poker player doesn't stop working, is continuously performing math, memory and strategic exercises.

This is why physical exercise plays a fundamental role in the player's life, since, apart from directly affecting his physical form, it strengthens the player's mind; giving more stability and emotional well-being to face the sessions.

It is also worth noting the great importance of the benefits provided by the exercise of certain parts of the body, such as "Core", which helps protect and strengthen the back and lumbar area and improves posture, thus preventing back pain.

Therefore, from Coaching4dglory, with our trainer David López Castillo, we offer you a perfect training program to maintain a healthy life compatible with the game. Learn and work day by day improving your lifestyle, receiving intensive training by our physical trainer.

David, who also has extensive knowledge in nutrition and dietetics, is a graduate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences by the UCAM and has an extensive experience, among which:

Coordinator of physical preparation at UCAM BALONCESTO.
Personal trainer and sport therapist at ZienHealthy Club.
Physical training coordinator at the Jairis Basketball Club.

Enter in our academy.

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