Psychological coaching


Psychological coaching

The main and novel contribution of this intervention model in MTT poker players is in addition to its clinical-sports perspective, the introduction of the family / team / pokerCoach / environment / couple, or whatever relevant system for the player, as an active agent of change in the optimization process.

With an intervention model based on Systemic Therapy, more specifically in its Solution Focused Therapy lines, which are tailored more easily to a channel like Skype, as well as users accustomed to agile mental processing and the contents digitalization and tools of coaching, such as questionnaires, tests and direct dialogues.

Poker affects us and we affect to other people, which in turn on feed our game. If rough path and variance affect your mood, they may also do it in your life system (your family, your partner, your roommates / grindstation, even your dog).

Therefore, sometimes a change is necessary. This program accelerates that change:

Direct psychotherapeutic assistance by collegiate psychologist, expert in Systemic Therapy with more than 15 years of experience.

Optimization of the psychological variables involved in poker (motivation, concentration, sustained attention, adherence, routines, Arousal control, cohesion and work in groups of grinders and self-confidence).

Balance of the Control Locus in decision making. Responsibilities definition.

Objectives definition in poker.

Group therapy and direct work (also individual) with the poker-player system / family. Main innovation and revolution in the field of mental poker coaches.

Intervention program in stress problems, mental health, down swings management, risk aversion, control and cushioning of euphoria in upswings.

Management of OMN (Optimal Multitable Number). Time Management: Study vs Grind.

Mental leaks detection.

Management of player-coach relationships in stables or technical training schools.

Our coach

In C4DG you will not be coached by a mentor or an off-poker therapist. You will have the service of a licensed psychologist in the clinical specialty, with a master's degree in systemic therapy and experience in sports psychology.

Also, he is an active poker player. With positive ROI in MTT and top 30 profit in 2016 in its modality Year in which also managed to lead the spanish classification of volume. Belonging to the 1st promotion of and with top regs in his agenda as a psychologist:

Collegiate psychologist G-3056

Degree in Psychology in Clinical specialty from the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Qualified with Outstanding in the Practicum Hospital Prof.Novoa Santos.

Graduate in sports psychology from the University of La Coruña.

Expert in systemic therapy and family intervention programs. University of La Coruña. (Dr. Valentín Escudeto & Dr. J.L. Arias Palomo).

Psychotherapist in the family intervention unit from the Hospital Complex Marcide-Naval Architect. (2004-08). With an average of 4.4 sessions per clinical case and 73% of successful post-follow-up therapy.

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