Sit & Go

The 180s

The 180-player SNG from are undoubtedly one of the best options to increase your bankroll in a fast and continuous way, minimizing the effects of negative variance.

Pokerstars offers 180-players SNG of different buy-ins: $ 0.50, $ 1, $ 2.50, $ 3.50 + R, $ 4.50, $ 8, $ 30, $ 109, $ 215 , $ 530, $ 1,050 and $ 2,100. As for the duration of their levels, most are Turbo (levels of 5 minutes, with 1,500 initial stack points), but there are also Hyper Turbo ($ 1 entry, with levels of 2 minutes and 500 starting stack points ) and normal ($ 1 and $ 4.50 buy-in, with 15-minute levels and 1,500 initial stack points).

Also, most of the 180-players SNG are freezeout, although there are also with rebuys ($ 3.50 buy-in). And the $ 30 have a special feature: they are Progressive Super KO (with bounties of $ 13.78). The 180s are affordable tournaments, with many recreational players and some regs, but not too high level.

In addition, in the middle phase of the sits there are frequent donations of chips. The 180s have the peculiarity that much of the game time is disputed with stacks effective below 25bb, where errors cost more money. For this reason, the ICM has a great influence in the decision making.

They are very profitable tournaments using a game system that we have tested in thousands of sits and with the right tools (HUDs and popups) to discover the tendencies and the leaks of the rivals and to be able to obtain the greater performance of the confrontation with them. If you are interested in starting your career in .com, in Coaching4dglory we guide you to start in the 180s SNG. And if you are already playing MTTs, dont hesitate to mix your sessions with these types of tournaments. Your ROI% will thank you.

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