In today’s poker, making the right preflop decisions at important times of multi-table or SNG tournaments can make a big leap in quality.

Doing good shoves, calls to pushes and folds in all-in situations, when we are in the bubble or in prizes, is fundamental to be able to progress in this sector. However, knowing that you are acting correctly is not easy; Is not something that can be easily calculated, manually.
If wanna know if we are playing well these types of spots is necessary to resort to programs that do such calculations, such as Holdem Resources or ICMizer. And although both are very useful, today we are going to present the latter, especially, because it has a tool that will allow you to work in depth and in a very entertaining way the situations of push or fold with ICM.

ICMizer offers to its users a very complete and usable coaching system, which allows to perform thousands of exercises to work in a large number of situations in which the ICM has an impact.

This tool allows to change different variables, such as the type of tournament (SNG, MTTSNG, MTT, HU, Spin & Go, Fifty 50 …), the spot (open push or call to all in), the effective stack or the number of rivals; And displays the correct results for each exercise. This allows for very detailed analysis of the game, as it discovers both the strengths and weaknesses that the player needs improve.

Likewise, for the more advanced players, the coaching system allows “hardening” the questionnaires, asking more complex questions, with very tight answers.
Apart from the coaching system, ICMizer presents a preflop situation calculator and a hand replayer.

The preflop calculator has been enhanced in version 2 of ICMizer. It allows to use 2 models: $ EV (based on ICM) and ChipEV (based on the calculation of Expected Value in points).
Its interface is more intuitive than in the original version of the program. It allows to load the hands of a specific tournament and then modify its parameters. It has selectors of type of tournament, number of players and blinds level. It shows the hand displayed in a poker table and gives the option of passing it to the replayer. And it allows to modify the positions and the stacks of the players.

ICMizer2 performs its ICM calculations taking into account aspects such as blockers or blind dynamics (FGS option or Future Game Simulation), and displays them individually for each pair of cards.

The preflop calculator has other interesting advantages.

For example, it do not just perform calculations on final tables. If you specify the prize distribution, the average stack of the “live” players and the total chips, you can also do ICM operations in moments prior to the formation of the FT.

In addition, although the calculator has created the main regular MTTs of the most frequent rooms and SNGs, it has a tool that allows you to create customized tournament structures, specifying characteristics such as the poker room, the type of tournament according to the blind’s levels duration and the distribution of prizes.

Another valuable aspect of the program is its system of tables, which allows to see the results graphically, crossing ranges and EV.

The program calculates ranges according to the Nash equilibrium and allows, in turn, modify such ranges to perform calculations of ICM adapted to players or to concrete situations.
ICMizer can import hands from almost all online poker rooms (provided they are in English).
Finally, it deserves to be highlighted its hands replayer. The replayer plays a game table and has the advantage that it shares the list of hands with the preflop calculator. In it, you can “load” the analyzed hand into the calculator to continue your study or to see how it ended. In addition, the replayer displays the pot odds and has an “ICMize” button, which allows you to return the hand to the calculator to continue the analysis.

In short, ICMizer2 is a basic tool for any player of MTTs or SNGs who wants to be professional or who wants to improve their game in times when they are fighting for money.
If you are interested in learning how to use it or get more out of it, write us an e-mail to info@coaching4dglory.com.

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