Poker is a game in which math helps a lot to improve, and quickly.

In Coaching4dglory we are going to provide you not only a mathematical basis, but all the strategic concepts necessaries to be able to go up to the highest levels.

If you are not afraid of concepts such as odds, probability percentages, equities, EV, combinatios, bubble factor or the hundreds of stats wich are included in trackers (like HM2 or PT4), Coaching4dglory is what you are looking for.

In our teaching program we will attach great importance to the mathematical aspects of the game. Our goal is to escape from dogmas. We don’t want our students to believe blindy in everything we tell them. We explain mathematically our strategy, the different movements and the different stats. This allows us to be sure that what we teach is EV +, correct and works in a productive and profitable way at the gaming tables.

If you like math and want to advance quickly in the world of multi-table tournaments, write us an email at info@coaching4dglory.com


An innovative, intensive and personalized coaching system differentiates us from other coaching models.

Our teaching system is based on experience, mathematics, the use of the best strategies, professional use of software and, fundamentally, constant revisions, tutorials and personal attention to our students.

Our technical team formed by great players and coaches, mathematical analysts, computer engineers, software specialists, mental coach, dietitian, personal sports coach and tax consultant. Undoubtedly one of the most complete team in the world to optimize both your game and quality of life.

Coaching4dglory uses its own exclusive materials for teaching, which have been tested massively for years at the tables and in hundreds of millions of hands played in simulators. In addition, they have daily classes, for a total ammount of 10-20 weekly hours of teaching, between groupal and individualized clases. The classes are usually varied and with different topics:

Build ranges and preflop game strategy (tables).
Explanation of programs (HM2, StarsHelper, 888caption, Flopzilla, Holdem Resources, etc.).
Full analysis of our game and that of rivals with help software (HM2 and PT4) through reports, filters, HUDs and popups.
Explanation of specific spots.
Read rivals with HUDs.
Poker math classes.
Game concepts classes (such as textures, ranges, impacts, equities, EVs, Bubble Factor, sizings, movements, adaptations, etc.).
Tournament reviews.
• Explanation of game styles (GTO, game exploiter).
Detection and exploitation of leaks.

This is just a sample of everything you can find in Coaching4dglory classes if you join our team. Our doors are open. Contact us by writing an email to info@coaching4dglory.com

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