Do you get a dominant stack in the early stages of a tournament, but do you arrive with a short stack in the bubble and the moment when important prizes are shared? We teach you how to move in the most important moments of the tournaments, assuming the correct risks and refining your game for chipEV and $ EV (ICM).
Does your game become an authentic roller coaster at key tournament moments? We will review your MTTs database to find out what are you playing in those crucial moments and optimize your strategy.
Do you lack aggressiveness in the advanced stages of MTTs? We will work with you situations in which you can carry out movements to increase your stack.
Are you hesitant to play final table spots with ICM influence?
• We will use the best tools to improve your game when the economic value of the chips becomes the decisive criterion of our actions.
Are you insecure when have to push or do a 3bet all-in? We will work so that you have confidence in your decisions, explicitly the most profitable movements and avoiding situations of doubts or nerves.
Do you defend less the blinds than you would like?
Defend correctly is one of the keys to success in multi-table tournaments. We will work together to expand your defensive ranks, both pre-flop and post-flop.
Do you feel uncomfortable playing out of position when you are not taking the initiative?
Position is one of the keys of MTT game. Even so we will make playing out of position not a problem for you.
Aren’t you sure or don’t have the means to confirm that the movements that you perform are EV+?
We will teach you how to calculate the EV of movements and we will see in our classes a lot of spots that will help you to know which actions are beneficial in the long term.
Do you feel insecure when taking decisions?
Knowing that you are making the correct moves gives confidence, which is the key to have security in your own game. In the classes we will see lots of spots, which appear in the tournaments. Then you will know how to play them and the insecurity will disappear.
• Don’t know how to use professional support software offered by online poker?
We offer tutorials and configurations to use programs such as Holdem Manager 2, Poker Tracker 4, Flopzilla, StarsHelper, 888Caption, ICMizer or Holdem Resources.
Do you struggle to control your emotions (tilt, nerves, fear, exaltation) during the course of the tournaments?
We will work this aspect of the game, giving you more security in your game and eliminating any leaks you may have.
Do you feel your game has stalled and you don’t know how to improve?

We offer you the opportunity to be part of our coaching project, in which besides receiving exclusive materials of proven effectiveness and professional coaching classes, you will be able to work side by side with players of your same level and aspirations.
If any of these situations affect you and want to find a solution, we can help you in Coaching4dglory. Write an e-mail to

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