In terms of price, few programs outperform the Flopzilla. It is an essential tool for MTT players (as well as other Texas Hold’em games such as SNG or NL Cash).
Its main utility is that it allows to know the number of combos or the percentage of plays and the projects that can have been linked by the cards of the rival or a range of cards in the board (in flop, turn or river).

Also, the program allows to create and save ranges for later use, organizing them into “folders”. For example, we can save the open raise or open push ranges in different sections.
Another interesting feature of Flopzilla is that it allows you to calculate pre-flop how is going to impact the flop in a specific hand or range of hands, so that we can see what % strong, medium, weak or very weak hands, or projects will link with the 3 first cards.

Flopzilla’s interface has 6 distinct blocks:

On the left there is the box of ranges, in which can save the sets of cards wanted.
In 2nd place is the matrix of initial hands, which allows us to mark the pairs of cards of the range, as well as assign them a percentage weight, to predict that they are not always in that range. The matrix has a slider to spread the massive selection of pairs of cards, as well as buttons that allow in one-click to mark subsets of cards, such as pocket pairs, broadways or suited.

The 3rd element of the interface is the template that allows to select the community cards (flop, turn and river). It also has some buttons, which allow you to delete the marked cards or generate random textures on each street.

The next block is the one that shows the statistics, either in percentage values, or in combos. The data column can display specific or accumulated data, and allows to mark plays or projects that the range can bet or defend. This information is crucial when making bets or rises, since we can guess how many combos will pay our bets by value or what average success we will have if we are looking for fold equity. In addition, at the bottom of this block we can find a button that allows filtering the pairs of cards which aren’t going to continue in the next street (s).

The 5th block has the name of Dead cards and allows us to mark our cards. Likewise, under the cards template we find a box that shows us the equity of the dead cards vs the rank in the current street or in the later ones.

To the right of the cards template are broken down the concrete equity percentages of each of them.

Besides all these functionalities, Flopzilla allows importing and exporting ranges, saving defined situations in the program, displaying the results in textual format or changing them from percentages to combos or vice versa.

Flopzilla is a key tool for hand analysis and a perfect complement to other help programs such as Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4.

Any player who wants to be a professional of MTT should try it and buy it. No doubt, its use will be very profitable.

If you want to learn how to use Flopzilla or improve its use, don’t hesitate. Write us an e-mail to info@coaching4dglory.com.

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