The story of the player who became a pro

The story of the player who became a pro


In this article, we are going to tell you the story of a player, which we will not identify. We will call him “Shark”. This is a text wich relates the experience of a “poker worker”, who started from scratch and managed to reach a professional and play in .com. So, if your goal is to be a pro, it’s very likely that you will feel identified with “Shark”, at some point in its trajectory.

“Shark” started with the world of poker a few years ago. It came to our world out of curiosity, from the hand of friends who played at home, or watching online poker announcements on television; I don’t remember it very well.

“Shark” discovered that he loved poker. He was attracted to the possibility of winning in a game of intelligence and skill, which generated in him large doses of adrenaline.
He was encouraged to create an account in an online poker room who gave him several tournament tickets. He “Tried luck” but luck was not on his side. “Shark” didn’t manage arrive to ITM in his first attempts.

Even so, he decided to give poker a second chance and made his first deposit: € 20. Started playing micro limit tournaments. Then came his first great joy: his first victory.

“Shark” soon raised his bank above 50 €. However, he grew up and started playing tournaments that his bankroll could not afford. And so, the € 50 dissapeared. “Shark” got busted and had to deposit again € 20.

Was in that moment when he decided to search the Internet for his first preflop selection tables. And so he discovered the world of poker websites, which has since visited regularly.

Armed with his new tables and with a firm purpose: don´t need to make another deposit again, “Shark” returned to play tournaments. And it went well. With a more solid preflop game, he managed to increase his bank more quickly. In a few days it reached 100 €. He also began to discover mistakes in rivals and he liked that. Then started looking for more coaching materials. And discovered a lot of free texts, tables and videos. He devoured them. And noticed that his level was still improving.

At that moment, “Shark” decided to set the goal of forming a bank that allowed him to play with stability, without fear of bust. He didn’t need much time to achieve this goal. Of course, he had to discipline himself not to play too expensive tournaments.
The next step that gave “Shark” was to increase the bankroll to be able to go up the average buy-ins of their tournaments. It took him some time, but he soon found himself comfortable playing multi-table tournaments of € 5 and € 10.

“Shark” began feeling like a reg. He had “poker friends”, with whom he shared knowledge, hands analysis, joys in the days of nice ITMs and tears in the hardest moments.

His level had grown. He was not longer that recreational player, worried about busting. Now he had to face new challenges.
“Shark” got a couple of good prizes and started playing the entire .es lobby. However, he realized that his game was not progressing as fast as before. He needed a more professional training.

He then valued various possibilities. He started looking for materials in the most common schools. At first, they were worth for him to improve some details of his game; specially, the videos of the pros. Even so, he noticed that he needed more.
“Shark” asked his friends about poker personal coaches and tried out some, the few that he could afford to pay.
As the days and months went by, “Shark” understood that he needed to become a professional, make poker his job, and that in Spain, in .es, was going to be very complicated.

And as things were, “Shark” decided to enter Coaching4dGlory, in our academy. We gave him an intensive coaching. We review his game from top to bottom. We remove the leaks. We improve his level of use of tools (like ICMizer, Holdem Manager 2, Flopzilla, Poker Tracker, etc.).

“Shark” had to suffer us for a few months. We put him to hard working, but he answered. The work paid off and his Sharkscope graph shot up.

“Shark” reached the level of the 10 best regs from the .es. And, then, he decided to make the leap. He valued pros and cons, and decided to emigrate to play in .com.

At first, it was hard. Having to change his life and leave friends and family in Spain is not easy.

At present, “Shark” has already adapted. It continues forming in Coaching4dGlory and have the pleasure of making a living from playing some of the best online tournaments in the world.

Would you like to be “Shark”? Write us an e-mail to

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