• Who is beto733?
My name in Alberto and I’m 29. I live in Monovar, a small town from Alicante

• Where does your Nick come from?
Since my childhood my whole family has called me “beto” as a diminutive of my name. And 733 if I remember correctly, is the produuct from when I tried to register in a poker room and I wasn’t be able to use just the nick beto.

• What are your feelings about the last month?
This month has gone very well. I have managed to have good results and increase my bankroll. Hope to continue like this

• What do you think about the good results of this month?
Much of the fault of these good results is from my coordinator “Albertovcf”. He always solves any kind of question I have.

This month I’ve also played less tables simultaneously and that’s very important, before I only thought about opening a lot of tournaments. Now I’ve changed that way of thinking and I prefer quality before quantity.

• How has C4DG changed you life?
There has been a major change since I’m in school. Before it was difficult to consider leaving my job to devote 100% to poker. Right now is a possibility and every day more real.

• An achievement you feel proud of IN & OFF poker.
I think I haven’t had any significant achievement in poker. It is yet to come.

• Do you like to play or do you usually play live tournaments? What tournaments?
I think in all my life I have played 2 or 3 live tournaments. Playing one hand every 5 minutes is not with me xd

• Imagine that you arrive to the November Nine, who would you like to face with?
With Daniel Negreanu. I’ve always liked how he plays and his interaction at the tables. Another thing is that I don’t think that playing against him will be ev+ to me

• How do you organize your day to day life? (Study, play, personal time, etc.)
I work in the mornings wich makes me have time in the evenings to devote myself to poker

• Would you like to add something else to conclude?
It has been a pleasure answering your questions. a greeting

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