• Who is Pena8g?
A young Galician very simple and with which you are going to have a nice time, sure 😉

• Where does your Nick come from?
Pena is my surname and as everyone call me, 8 is my favorite number and the G comes from Guti.

• What are your feelings about the last month?
Well, it didn’t start at all bad, I did a 1st in the Special Sunday after a good SCOOP, but since that moment, all standard, I was having the “bad habit” of fill the cashier haha !

• What do you think about the good results of this month?
You know how this works, this month has gone well but it’s still necessary work every single day, I don’t feel better than anyone just for having good results

• How has C4DG changed you life?
Quite, they made me take poker more seriously and devote more time. I think this effort can be positive for my life

• An achievement you feel proud of IN & OFF poker.
In poker what I am most proud of is the learning ability I can have, and off poker … prefer not to answer xD

• Do you like to play or do you usually play live tournaments? What tournaments?
I like it from time to time since I prefer online, but yes, I need the contact with the cards, I’ve played some tournaments in Coruña and I’ve taked some occasional escapes to some CNP, GPS, etc …

• You could tell some interesting anecdote about some live.
Yes, I can tell you one of Rozvadov (the trip wich we were a good troop of C4DG players), I was in a 7-playerstable, in one of the last parallels of the week. I was so tired after all the week. I made an OR in UTG with 45bbs, and CO (loose agro) raised without seeing that I had opened. He had about 30bbs, and then he saw my OR and wanted to made a coldcall but the croupier said that he had to made a minimum rerais, here comes the joke xd, BB went all in and I thought that he had 6bbs. Then, I pushed behind and the BB showed 66. I winned the flip, but when the croupier gave me the pot, I noticed that the BB hadn’t got 6bb, he had 42bb!!

• Imagine that you arrive to the November Nine, who would you like to face with?
Against the 8 worst tournament players

• How do you organize your day to day life? (Study, play, personal time, etc.)
I usually get up late, just before the class starts, then I have lunch and study or check something with classmates.
After that, depending on how late we finished, I start playing or I do exercise. If I can’t do exercise before the session, I do it after, when I finish. When I have time to do exercise before the session, I like running or biking. But the most important thing to me, after the session, is the NBA. Also, if I have time, like to expend some time playing with my playstation. On the weekends, I like to meet with my friends and family.

• Would you like to add something else to conclude?
Although I think poker takes a lot of time to do other things that I would like, I don’t regret it, I enjoy it.

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