Turu TT – Sits & Go

Turu TT – Sits & Go


Sit & Go are limited seat tournaments that start when there are no seats left. We can find Sits of 18, 27, 45, 90 and 180 players (among other sizes).

Its blind levels can change according to their structure. There are slow SNGs with levels of 10 or 15 minutes; others more turbo, with levels of 5 minutes; and the hyperturbo, with 2
minutes levels.

Another of their features are the initial stacks, which usually range from 500 to 1500 points.
In Coaching4dGlory we have coaching programs for SNG specific to its different modalities and
we guarantee that with effort and dedication you can become a top player of the modality.

This modality allows you to achieve more or less stable results in large samples, since they are usually less subject to variance than MTTs. In addition, they tend to have a shorter duration than MTTs, which makes them more flexible when structuring the sessions.

We have specialized material, all types of charts necessary to achieve a solid strategy, HUDs
methodically configured for the modality, Popups of different sizes of stacks and situations in the sits, special configurations for StarsHelper and 888caption which will serve to facilitate multitabling and play more comfortable sessions. In addition, we focus our work on improving the most important parts of the game, such as ICM situations (key in this modality).

Likewise, we have exhaustive analyzes of the different metagames and a game study of the top regs of each level.

If you are interested in playing SNG, get in touch with us. Write an e-mail to

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