• Who is Sug44r?
An unusual guy with a lot of desire to keep working and improving.

• Where does your Nick come from?
Sugaar is the name of a Basque Mitological figure; also its meaning in Euskera is flame of fire and/or male snake. I changed the aces to the 4s because my girlfriend has a “little” obsession with the number 4, and although I’m not superstitious… now it’s also in my mind!! Also I´m the player number 44 in C4DG.

• What are your feelings about the last month?
At the beginning of this month I earned the best result I’ve ever had so far. Since then, my main goal has been keeping working without this result affects me.

• What do you think about the good results of this month?
It would be unfair not to place much of the blame on variance. Curiously, I started the month with the aim of forgetting the economic part, reducing volume and focusing on improving. In the long term it will be more important than any punctual results.

• How has C4DG changed you life?
It has given me a lot of confidence and confidence in my game. Playing without being confident if you are doing well, it’s very difficult; specially when the results don’t arrive. In addition, it has given me the chance to meet a group of people with whom I would like to work for a long time.

• An achievement you feel proud of IN & OFF poker.
IN, be able to earn a living without any help for several years, playing only the 2-3 days off that left me creating a company that ended up going wrong. With a really small bankroll wich practically didn’t let me lose two days in a row… don’t recommend it.
OF, to have gone ahead with what I considered that was the best decission without worrying about the short term.

• Do you like to play or do you usually play live tournaments? What tournaments?
I played my first live tournament less than a month. I hope to play much more from now on, the experience has really pleased me. So far, the Golden Poker Series and several tournaments in the Pokerstars Marbella Championship.

• Could you tell some interesting anecdote about any live?
Have to come back to the 4s … I insist in I’m not superstitious, but in my first Omaha tournament (it’s a game I like almost more than Holdem) I sat at table 44, site 4. I thinked, very badly has to go so that I don’t ship it … I finish commiting myself with QQT9 vs KK44 in QJ4, and don’t think you need river details…

• Imagine that you arrive to the November Nine, who would you like to face with?
It doesn’t matter, they haven’t got any chance.

• How do you organize your day to day life? (Study, play, personal time, etc.)
It depends on whether or not I play. If I haven’t played the day before, I usually go to the gym before class and then, have lunch. If that day I’m going to play, depending on the day, I’ll start just after or rest a bit before I start, since I usually finish late at night. If I’m no gonna play, after eating I spend 2-3 hours checking hands, analyzing them with Flopzilla… and then I take the day off. I play 3 or 4 days per week.

• Would you like to add something else to conclude?
I would like to thank C4DG for the treatment that I’ve received from everyone, it’s amazing to be here for 8 months and continue waiting everyday impatiently the next class.

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