We interview Tonimonton, a Coaching4dglory student, who will tells us about his experience in Las Vegas during his numerous trips to the WSOP:

When did you go? How many days?
I was in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016 (twice). An average of 12 days

With whom you were?
Sergio, friends and my wife. In the first trip we went only gamblers, the second trip was a getaway with a friend, the third time was a couples trip, the fourth another trip with a friend and the last one with my wife.

Where you stayed? Do you recommend hotel or apartment?
In the first two trips we stayed in hotels (Imperial Palace and Rio), the last three to a highly recommended resort, both for not being hotel (wich makes me feel like the marmot day) and for price / quality (Desert Paradise).

Did you play the main event? Would you have liked to play it?
I didn’t played it, but I would like to play it; althought still being too expensive for my bankroll and for the same amount of its buy-in I could play a very good lobby.

What tournaments did you play?
The first year I played the Caesars MegaStack Series along with the Rio Deepstack and in the following trips the Planet Hollywood’s Phamous and Goliath Series. Also the Deespstack of Rio. None WSOP event except for 888crazy in wich I rated by sat online, but there are very good tournaments in the PH.

What do you think about the level of the players?
Well below expectations. Most USA players play as if they were at home, and there are a lot of tourists as well.

Did you had time to visit the surroundings?
Yes, we travelled to the Grand Canyon, Huber Dam, Los Angeles, San Francisco … It is highly recommended to take a couple of offpoker days and take advantage of the location to do some trips. It is also true that in Vegas there are lots of things to see but the weather does not accompany (+40ºC)

Any anecdotes from the trip that you can tell us?
There are many experiences and anecdotes that are experienced in a trip to Vegas. Beginning with the 20 hours on the average of the trip, including stopovers. In the rooms of Rio there are thousands of players and stories to tell. Through the streets, the hotels are huge resorts, tourist spots (Welcome Vegas, Downtown …)

Did you meet any featured player?
Yes many of them. I was thrilled to meet Doyle Brunson

What do you think of the fact that November 9 was deleted?
I like the format Nov9 because you have time to see the development of the series and in November final table with popcorn. I also think that for the players is better since after the tournament marathon a break comes great to prepare a final table so important.

Any interesting hand?
A lots of tears but, for choosing one, an AA wich were cracked in a tournament of 1M gtd 24 players left. (OR AA with 11bb, 3BET from an agressive player with T7s and CC from SB with AJo with 8bb.

Do you recommend the trip or do you think it is overrated?
Super advisable. In group of gamblers much more

What question would you ask someone who has been to Las Vegas?
If you haven’t been in the WSOP, what traffic and tournament quality are out of those dates?

Would you like to add something else?
I would like to advise anyone who wants to travel for the first time: The trip is not expensive, the price from Barcelona-Los Angeles is aproximately 300 € round trip. You can rent a car for about 200 € 12 days which is more than enough. And the price for the hotel, in a double room, leaves for about 350 € per head. If you don’t want to travel to Los Angeles a direct trip to vegas will be about 500 € -700€.

If you go to a resort, you can shop at the supermarket and eat well and cheap. As for tournaments there are a variety of good buy-in tournaments for all levels. No need to play a WSOP event to play big tournaments. Also in the Rio rooms you can play the daily deepstack for 230 $ if you are excited to live the WSOP environment. In short, you can enjoy a great trip for a very tight price.

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