Who’s Mitxel Jiménez?

A boy from Jumilla (Murcia), member of the C4DG team since 2016. My hobbies are any kind of sports, music, going out with friends, animals and, of course, I’m a poker enthusiast.

What encouraged you to go and play at Barcelona the Pokerstars Ferstival?

Well, between coaches and colleagues we talked about it at the beginning of August, and the truth is that the idea of living the experience of playing the most important series from Europe seduced me from the first moment, both by playing some tournaments of the series, and by living the experience of meeting the best players in the world that you have been following for a long time.

Were you alone or were you accompanied?

We were several companions; we rented an apartment and were living together for the 15 days that the series lasted all together.

What did you think of the level of the tournament?

As in most tournaments you always meet players of all levels, some have more knowledge of the subject, others were players of a more recreational nature, but we could say, in general terms, that the tournament would have a medium level. Obviously, when the tournament is progressing and, above all, in the final phase, it always remains a harder field, and that demands more of you as a player.

In witch point of the tournament did you really start to feel like you could take the win?

Well I think that moment was when we were at the final table, I had been exploiting the final table bubble, which made me get to the final table if not as a chip leader, which I don’t remember well, with the second of the most outstanding stacks…. So that was the moment when I thought that my aspirations were quite obvious and that I had to give it my all no matter what happened 4theglory.

Did you have any tough times in the tournament?

Of course, even though it’s true that from the beginning I started to accumulate chips and during the whole tournament I was feeling very comfortable, until when we were 12-15 players left, there were no more recreational players, the remaining players weren’t going to give away and another hard moment was when we were 3 players left; I lost a couple of flips against one of the short stack players and I became the smallest stack, what made me change my game and play in a more aggressive way. Fortunately everything went well.

Tell us a special hand you remember.

I remember a Pre FT hand in which I open JJ in MP and a regular and aggressive enough player decides to push me 22bbs in BTN, my stack was about 34bbs if I remember correctly, I thought for a minute and ended up calling the push, the other player showed KQ off and my JJs held fortunately, I won the flip and put myself in a very good position.

In the published photos, we see that at the final table you were with your C4DG teammates; do you think their support helped you with the victory?

Obviously, when you have people who support you and you are seeing that they are there, pushing along with you, everything becomes easier. In my case, being there, and feeling the family and friends that together with the schoolmates encouraged at all times, is an added motivation bonus. From here I want to thank you again for all the support I received from them and encourage them to keep working until their time arrives, in which they will surely have me there.

To what extent do you think the knowledge gained in C4DG has helped you to win the tournament?

To the extent that without this knowledge I would not have been able to achieve victory, I owe everything I know to them, to the hours they spend each day trying to improve us, correct our mistakes and add new knowledge to our game. That’s why, professionally, I dedicate my first victory to them and my team-mates. On a personal level, this trophy is dedicated to my father, who, due to life circumstances, is not there to see it, but I’m sure that he is always asking for my cards when I’m all in from the place where he is.

What is your final balance of the festival?

My final balance, as you can imagine, is very positive, both for the experience lived, for the game played and for the victory in one of the events… So, Barcelona next year, I’ll be there again. XXX

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