Who’s Xuxi?

A professional cash player for several years living between Thailand and the UK… Maybe the cash game players are less known for not being in the media so often but it’s a very stable game that can earn good income coupled with great progress in the game.

Have you ever taught before?

Yes, although in a more amateur way, that is to say, I helped several friends.

What motivated you to teach?

The very motivation to continue learning. Also teaching is a very good thing that helps the community and makes you feel good, in fact if it had not been for the great Spanish community in general perhaps many of us would not be where we are.

What motivated you to join C4DG as a cash game coach?

Specifically in this project I find it very interesting how everything is structured as well as the total trust with the managers who are in charge

Do you think it is necessary/essential to work with the support of a coach for a player to improve in poker?

You can improve on your own, but it’s going to be a longer road and maybe there will come a point where you feel stuck and the lack from the combo of motivation/game/profits at the tables can make you give up at some point which with a coach is easier as it can also guide you in this.

Do you combine training with playing? Where are we most likely to find you playing? (I know the response of this question is different that we asked for)

Yes of course there are many tools that can be improved with. Although my main point is to have friends who are top players and I can talk to them every day. Currently I play mainly NL400 to NL1000 multilobby

What do you think are the most important aspects when it comes to becoming a coach?

The most important thing I would say is motivation; I would say that with any activity it is.

What can your future students expect from your classes?

Well we will try to synthesize the game as simple as possible so that they can have a good solid base but from there we want them to work on that base and end up thinking about very different situations (since poker has many different paths/strategies) so that they can learn to adapt to their opponents and environment and discover their own game.

Why should they choose your training over any other?

I’ve been playing mid-high-stakes with a good general winrate for over 7 years and I spent the last 6 years living abroad with other poker players from whom I learned a lot, I think it’s a good opportunity to get into C4DG.

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