PioSOLVER is a key program for the advanced study of poker.
At first glance, it seems expensive, but once you get to work with it, you realize that it’s worth paying for it.

It is software that solves situations on the basis of the GTO (Game Theory Optimal), a concept that refers to the perfect strategy following the portals of the Game Theory of applied mathematics.

PioSOLVER solves flop, turn and river spots by performing movements of different sizes. It allows you to save and load trees, build them, and choose their degree of accuracy or calculation time.
It has a range explorer and a series of reports that will let you know which cards, movements and sizings have more EV in the spots you analyze.

PioSOLVER is an essential tool to solve any doubt you may have about the possible lines of a hand. It is crucial for the pros of cash, although it is also very useful for tournament players, especially to study situations when the bubble factor has not yet come into play.

If you want to try it, we encourage you to do it. It has a free version, PioSOLVER free, which can introduce you to GTO situation analysis.
If you are convinced, level up and move on to the PioSOLVER basic (which costs $249). This version lets you take advantage of much of the power of the program. It only has two handicaps, if you are going to give it a very professional use: it only allows up to a maximum of 6 threads and doesn’t support the programming of situations with scripts.

If you decide to work it thoroughly, you can opt for the Pro version ($475), which allows 2 activations, loading scripts and up to 16 hardware threads.

On top of that, there is only the PioSOLVER edge version ($1,099), which will allow you to pop your PC with all the calculations it supports.

PioSOLVER is an indispensable tool for professional poker players. For example, it is the one he used to the point of exhaustion “OtB_RedBaron” to study Texas Hold’em No-Limit Cash and one of the keys to becoming the world’s best player in this specialty.

If you’re curious about it, we recommend you look for videos on YouTube. You’ll see it on the move and you’ll be amazed.

Yes, it’s clearly worth a bundle, but this time, we assure you, it’s worth it. We have tried it and there is a before and after of PioSOLVER.

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