Today we bring you an interview with our Part-Time player Javier López, better known as Albafive, both at the live and online tables.

After a month full of good results, including a silver medal in a Sunday Special (12,286€), a victory in a Big100 (2,097€), another second place in a BigStack Turbo (2,336€) and his last great result in the MPO of Valencia (9,550€), Javier has established himself as one of the players of the moment, both online and live poker.


1. Who is Albafive?

My name is Javi, I am 45 years old, I am an engineer and I work as a Prescriber in a manufacturer of air conditioning equipment. I am from Albacete, married with two children, the oldest is 15 years old and the youngest 13. As the great Luzago defined me, I am “the solid player from Albacete”.

2. Where does your Nick come from?

Well, my Nick has two parts, Alba comes from Albacete. Like a good “manchego”, I feel proud of my land, and five for the 5 cards that make up the poker move.

3. Tell us your story with poker

Well, I think like many of us who love the exciting world of poker, I started watching those nightly shows by Juanma Pastor commenting the EPTs. Then I got on the Internet and started to see information about with math and study I could earn money in the long run and I log in into Intellipoker. We’re talking about the .com era and at the time I liked to play Sit&Go. Then I joined a group of friends who shared a passion for poker, the LPPA. I first stepped into a casino with them in a private tournament and we still have a nice relationship.

Over time I increased the bank and, through satellites, with the philosophy of “El Jugador Barato” (The Cheap Player), I began to play higher Buy-in tournaments that escaped from my bank.

4. What motivated you to join Coaching4dglory?

I had been seeing that my game was stagnant for a while and although I was still doing well I thought I had to do something to keep improving. Besides, even though I had a tracker, I wasn’t getting the most out of it. I spoke with a friend from Albacete who was at Coaching4dglory last year and it was what gave me the final push to make the decision to enter. It was a way of forcing me to take some time off to study because between work and family the only time I spent on poker was playing.

5. how much do you think your game has changed since you entered in C4DG and how is your training going at school?

Well, I think it has changed a lot, I have a more balanced game now and I’ve learned to better categorize the players, which helps me to get a lot more value out of certain situations that I wasted before.

I give the training at school a very positive evaluation, both for the quality of the teachers and for the group of classmates who are always there when you need something. Apart from the videos and the theoretical classes, the periodic revisions of the database have helped me a lot, allowing me to focus my efforts on reducing the leaks detected by my tutor.
Also important is all the support it gives you in terms of handling the support tools, program configuration, troubleshooting, etc.

6. What are your feelings after Sunday’s MPO achievement?

On the one hand, I’m happy with the result obtained, but on the other hand I still have the bad taste of having made a pact to 8. I’m sure I would have much rather won the trophy in a HU, but there were a lot of circumstances that made it difficult to reject the pact. We had been on the final table for two and a half hours and only one player had been eliminated, and I also think that the structure was missing the 35K/70K level (the organization also saw it that way and is going to add it to the next Golden Poker Series) which made us reach the 50K/100K level with an average of less than 15 BBs, I was third and had 17 BBs. If we add to this that I had the two best players just to my left that didn’t let me steal a blind in a simple way, it seemed to me that agreeing the deal was fine (wining the prize of the third place). I’m left with the satisfaction of having reached the final table and of being happy with my game. There’ll be time to win a real trophy.

7. Any particularly difficult time in the tournament?

More than one, but the hardest part was the bubble, I was short so I couldn’t move, and as we stopped to watch the Champions League final, we had to play one more level until 4:30am to reach the ITM.

Another complicated moment was when I did a Hero Call vs a Check-Raise all-in in river. The villain was a Valencia Casino cash games regular player who left me out if I lost the all-in. I had K9 and the K that gave me top pair had completed the draw in turn.

8. What did you think of the level of the tournament?

The truth is that there were notable absences due to the 888 Festival in Barcelona and “Bokesponja’s” wedding, but there were still good players.

9. You increase your bankroll significantly, what are your plans for the immediate future?

My plans are to continue as I have done up to now, respecting the bank and continue working to continue improving. Two goals I had when I entered school were to do something important in a “Sunday Special” and in a live tournament, so I’ll have to look for something new to accomplish.

10. As a regular live player you’ll have hundreds of anecdotes, can you tell us about your best time at the tables?
The possibility of sharing a table with sports stars like Santi Cañizares or the golfer Sergio García, who eliminated me from a CNP parallel in Valencia in one of the first tournaments I played live.
In that same tournament, a woman who usually plays everything signed up without knowing that the tournament was played in two days, and when she realised that she couldn’t go to play on Sunday because she had food with the family, started to play all the hands to get kicked out, and happened what usually happens in these cases, she obtained a super-stack.

11. Do you prefer online or live poker?

For the day to day I prefer online poker, I feel more comfortable and playing several tables you always have action. In live poker you can be playing for an hour and not have played a hand. What I like about live is being able to meet other players, many of whom are already friends.

12. What is your bottom line on what has probably been one of the best months of your poker career?
My bottom line is that hard working has its rewards and that if I want to keep on doing well, I have to keep on improving.

13. Any last words you’d like to share?

Nothing more than to thank all those who have supported me through the social media and who are happy that things are going well for me.

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