A little bit about the history of Coaching4dGlory

A little bit about the history of Coaching4dGlory


Coaching4dGlory was born at the beginning of April 2016 from the fusion of poker experience and passion for teaching. With a faculty excited and motivated to share their knowledge to train professional players in the world of MTTs, since then has not stopped growing.
Although the majority of the students were residents in Spain, students of other nationalities also joined the classes, who began to test the school’s teachings on the .com platforms.

A year later, they reopened their doors to welcome a new promotion, this time offering the opportunity to join players who have limited time to devote to poker, thus emerging the Part-Time format, which would kick off on September 18, 2016.

That same day, the Full-Time group would begin its formation period, where besides learning surrounded by new friends, they managed, with time, effort and perseverance, to become top regs. of the Spanish poker rooms.

The third promotion reached the C4DG virtual classrooms in January 2017. The fourth, in September 2017. And the fifth and last so far has just entered this month of September 2018. Its results and the progress of its knowledge about the game, allows us to predict great results for these players, who are battling in all tournaments of the lobbies of shared liquidity and .com.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired in the School about software such as Holdem Resources and ICMizer, they managed to dominate the situations of ICM or Bubble Factor, thus crushing the FTs they face.

They have also learned to get the most out of their trackers, such as HM2 and PT4, from which, together with Flopzilla, can carry out an exhaustive analysis of their game in search of errors and focusing the correction of the same in an autonomous way, so that, at the end of the training period, they are able to perceive their own errors.

They started with a GTO strategy, which allowed them to create a solid base of game that, later, would evolve to a completely exploitative strategy, adapting to their rivals in all kinds of situations. This evolution of the game was prompted by the great importance the classes received with respect to the interpretation of HUD profiles and statistics.

Little by little they evolved, demonstrating a great interest and dedication to try to improve as soon as possible, which was reflected in their results, achieving great advances in record time.

We are very proud to mention some of the triumphs of our students, such as numerous gold medals in ESCOOP, a great number of triumphs in the Sunday Majors, a victory in the Pokerstars National Championship of Barcelona in 2017, and even a final table in the Main Event of the WSOP 2016.
Thanks to the great help we offer our students, they only have to worry about learning and devoting as much time as possible, as well as applying the knowledge acquired in the tables, with the strong support of their coaches and colleagues, as well as the team of professionals that the school has.

We leave you with the Sharkscope graphic, which portrays the optimistic atmosphere that is breathed in the school. Do not hesitate, ask for information to join one of our courses!

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