Welcome, Aconcagua Poker!

Welcome, Aconcagua Poker!


Before the end of 2018, the offer of poker .es will grow with the opening of a new poker room, Aconcagua, which until now has offered poker services in all Latin American countries, except Colombia and Argentina (due to their respective legal restrictions).

Aconcagua will start in .es, but its plans also include obtaining licenses to operate in France and Portugal. Therefore, its ultimate goal is to have .frespt rooms, such as PokerStars. However, first they will have to succeed in obtaining authorizations in both countries. For the time being, they are ruling out Italy because of the complex political situation that online poker is having.

A well-known Spanish poker player, Juan Manuel Pastor, will be in charge of managing and administering the Aconcagua Poker firm in Spain.

Pastor doesn’t need presentations. He has been in the world of poker for 15 years and his work as a poker commentator on television has been one of the factors that has most boosted the knowledge of our game in Spain.

Juanma Pastor has made statements for various specialized media. In them, he has specified that Aconcagua is going to overturn in poker, although he has also obtained licenses to offer roulette and blackjack online. He has also declared that the player is the main concern of Aconcagua, “to take care of the ecosystem”.
As confirmed by Pastor, help software (such as Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager) cannot be used in the room, which is related to one of the room’s strategic priorities: attracting as many recreational players as possible.

Aconcagua has always been a very aggressive venue in its MTT programming, with good promotions and generously guaranteed; this has been one of the keys to its success in Latin America.

Aconcagua will not only have “presence” online; it will also try to take its tournaments live to the main Spanish casinos, following the guidelines they have put into practice in Brazil, where they have managed to gather 3,600 players in a single live tournament. They have already opened negotiations with several casinos and maybe they will surprise us soon with some circuit or with some spectacular event.

The arrival of Aconcagua will be good for the Spanish poker offer. All competition is good to encourage PokerStars, Winamax and PartyPoker to make economic efforts to better equip their tournaments and schedule new series with guaranteed millionaires.
Welcome, Aconcagua! VGL!

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