The names of the poker cards

The names of the poker cards


The poker cards usually have names, which we use in the day to day of the game with total normality.
The denominations have different origins.

The shape of the letters gives names to cards such as AA (rockets), JJ (hooks), 99 (lollipops), 88 (octopuses) or 77 (hockey sticks).

The pairs of cards also have names of the players who made them famous. T2o is the hand of “Texas Dolly” Doyle Brunson, as he won two WSOP Main Events. 54 is Moneymaker, in reference to the hand that gave him the victory in the Main Event of the WSOP 2003. 99 is Phil Hellmuth, because with it, he won the Main Event of the WSOP 1989. J9 is the hand of TJ Cloutier, because with it reached in one year 3 stairs of color. And A8 is the so-called “hand of the dead”, since it is the one that had in the hands Wild Bill Hickok at the time he was killed, in Deadwood.

We also find names of poker cards that are related to well-known characters, from cinema, television or sport. AK is Anna Kournikova, the tennis player. 86 is Maxwell Smart, the super agent 86. J5 is Jackson Five, the music group led by Michael Jackson. And QJ is Maverick, alluding to the film of the same name.

The casuistry is very broad. These are some of the best-known names of pairs of cards:

– AA: rockets or American Airlines.
– KK: cowboys or King Kong.
– QQ: ladies
– JJ: hooks.
– 99 Phil Hellmuth (hand with which won the ME of the WSOP 1989) or lollipops.
– 88: octopuses.
– 77: hockey sticks.
– 66: the hand of the devil.
– 44: Magnum.
– 33: crabs.
– 22: the ducks.
– AK: big slick or Anna Kournikova.
– A8: the hand of the dead (the one Wild Bill Hitchcock had when he was murdered).
– AJ: Blackjack.
– AT: Johnny Moss.
– KJ: Kojak.
– QJ: Maverick.
– JT: the black pearl (pikes).
– J9: TJ Cloutier (T.J. flopped three straight flushes with this hand in one year).
– J5: The Jackson Five.
– T2: Texas Dolly (alluding to Doyle Brunson).
– 86 Maxwell Smart (super agent 86).
– 76: Philadelphia.
– 72: the hammer or the hand of the drunkard.
– 54: Moneymaker.

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